Ivan C.
Submitted 12/01/21
This recommendation is written, yes from our experience as a family with the services provided by Dr Frank and Dr Sarah, but from some time back. In 2014, we had quite a serious car accident with a F150 smashing into the back of our BMW. My wife and I were in the car and our new born baby was in the back in his car seat. All three of us received neck and back injuries from the accident. As a parent, to see that our new born child required such treatment was a serious worry, but our worries were unfounded. We both sat and watched in absolute awe at how Sarah worked on our very young baby. Her patience and gentle work soon sorted him out and his very clear pain was soon gone. Much the same was for my wife and I. So, in writing this review or recommendation, I do with absolute delight and with the heartfelt thanks to the services provided by these two wonderful people. They are a credit to their profession and I highly recommend them to anyone. Ivan

Dani B.
Submitted 03/04/20
Very knowledgeable! Great service !

Christina S.
Submitted 02/07/20
Dr Frank really cares about fixing me and helping me heal. He’s also got a great sense of humor!

Dorothy G.
Submitted 01/08/20
As a new patient I didn’t know what to expect, but I was immediately put at ease when Dr. Sorrentino explained the process in ways that I totally could understand.

Jay R.
Submitted 01/02/20
Sarah was a very good listner and her manuel adjustments helped greatly.

Matt S.
Submitted 11/03/19
I teach and play golf for a living and need to be strong and healthy every day. I had a situation with my lower back that Dr. Sorrentino took care of in a short period of time. Beautiful office with great staff and I can’t say enough about the skill, knowledge and professionalism of Dr. Sorrentino.

Terrsa K.
Submitted 10/08/19
I very much enjoyed my experience with Dr Sarah who I found to be a kind, attentive and practical professional. I plan to continue treatment in the future.

Melissa B.
Submitted 08/13/19
I have seen Dr. Frank three times for pelvic adjustments and he’s made a shift in my body that no other chiropractor has done I’m hopeful that I can work through some of these new misalignments and compensations that my body has gone through for so many years but I’m confident Dr. Frank Will help get me back on track from the mechanical dysfunction I’ve endured for years. His staff is on point with answering my questions, his body work Therapist Nicholas is great at stretching me and I’m happy I found this facility.

Michael A.
Submitted 04/18/19
Dr Frank and his team are the BEST! I started to see Dr. Frank end of 2018 after having gone to my family doctors, had x-rays and went through physical therapy(which helped some). I though I either had to try a chiropractor or maybe surgery. I did research and apparently the best also was right across the street from my home. From my initial visit the ladies in the office, Raianne, Maria & Geri, were welcoming, friendly and always attentive to helping schedule me and answer questions. We all know that without a great support team you can’t have a great practice. Dr Frank has a great support team and a great practice. Now to Dr. Frank. When I started I could not stand up without aid of an armrest or something to lean on. From the initial consult, he had a plan to get me better and to play golf again. He was very consistent in his approach and from visit to visit we could see improvement. He added some exercises to strengthen the core and this was key. As I got better I stopped the exercises(what was I thinking) and when the pain came back. He asked if I was still doing the exercises. Busted! So as soon as I restarted them I got better again. Dr. Frank genuinely cared about my health, and my physical future. We had great conversations and chats during my visits. In summary, if you are in need of any help for issues like I had and think a chiropractor can help, I am 100% recommending Dr Frank, Raianne, Maria, & Geri at Grayhawk Family Chiropractic. Thank you all Mike Amira PGA Golf Professional

Hazel C.
Submitted 11/10/18
I describe the sensations or pains that I’m feeling. He listens and then chooses which areas he needs to treat and how. The treatments cause very little discomfort and may seem to have done nothing but the results belie that feeling. In a short while I realize that my body is moving more easily, my balance is improved and my sinuses are clear.

Mary Jo C.
Submitted 11/10/18

Ross M.
Submitted 11/07/18
Overall family environment and personalized attention to my issues. Thank you Dr. Frank!!!

Liz A.
Submitted 11/06/18
Dr. Frank always is able to help me with whatever my issue may be.

Rich L.
Submitted 11/06/18
Dr. Sorrentino is very professional and knowledgeable. More importantly, his procedures truly work!

Michelle M.
Submitted 11/05/18

J.R. .
Submitted 11/01/18
Brief and pleasant

Jade O.
Submitted 11/01/18
Great Chiropractor, Staff & Service!

Francine W.
Submitted 11/01/18
Dr. Frank is awesome. Both my husband and I have been treating with him since moving to AZ last year. We were hoping to find a Chiro as good as the one we had back home and I have to say Dr.Frank is better! Have had bad sciatica problem for a while now and it has greatly improved since my visits to Dr. Frank. He also referred me to another doc for further treatment in the way of pain management. I feel as if he is truly trying to help me and not just a doc trying to collect a payment. He really cares about the well being of his patients. Office staff is great and very accommodating. Overall a wonderful experience and I highly recommend Grayhawk Chiropractor.