This is a type of therapy that uses the energy of acoustic waves. The therapy is applied with a handheld applicator that contains compressed air. The compressed air is converted into energy that is applied by sharp vibrations to the painful tissue. The energy is absorbed by the body and promotes healing. It is not meant to be a comfortable therapy. It should feel like 6/10 on the pain scale but only lasts a couple of minutes.

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Effects on the body: increases circulation, reverses chronic inflammation, stimulates collagen production, breaks up calcified deposits, stimulates pain mediating substances, breaks up trigger points.

Conditions this is good for: Chronically tight areas; any chronic tendon issues or tendinopathy; rotator cuff issues; tennis or golfers elbow; carpel tunnel; trigger finger; IT band syndrome; plantar fasciitis; shin splints; achilles tendinitis;

Normal side effects: Soreness in the area developing 2-4 hrs after treatment; redness; swelling, mild bruising, pain. Effects should not last any longer than 5-10 days.

Coagulating disorders (hemophilia, use of anti-coagulants); Pregnancy; Directly over implants; Over the growth plates of children; Acute swollen/infected/inflammed tissue; Tumor diseases/Cancer

Treatment frequency: 1-2 times per week

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