The Cortho-X Strength Workout

An entirely new method for strength training
The Cortho-X core-focused strength workout is designed to optimize all of the fundamental strength required for daily activities, as well as every level of athletic performance.

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Step 1

Mobilize Your spinal architecture with the spinal roller
Back pain or poor posture? Being the best version of yourself begins with a healthy and mobile spine. The Cortho-X spinal roller will safely empower you to successfully accomplish that primary biomechanical function.

Step 2

Strength Training using aninnovative method of progressive resistance Been injured doing other types of training? This workout is for you!

The CorthoX machines use horizontal progressive resistance which achieves better core activation and less compression during your workout. Corthogonal Myodapting is a new term developed to describe Cortho-X’s innovative method of progressive resistance. Simply stated, it is a core intensive strengthening strategy that safely orientates the human body in a relatively horizontal position. This methodology optimizes two crucial elements. Namely, it mandates optimal core functioning, while simultaneously minimizing the undesirable effects of compressive loading.

What is a workout like?

30 minutes one-on-one with a Cortho-X trainer (Karen). You will be the only client in the workout space during your designated time. Your trainer will guide you through the sequences of the circuit program and supervise every movement to ensure correctness and prevent injury.
Your workout will consist of a custom circuit style training program. It is designed to target each of the bodies sub-systems, as well as the cross sectional anatomical sequencing that is so crucial to human function.

Who is this workout for?

Everyone can benefit from and perform this style of workout. Regardless of the condition you are seeking treatment for in our office (back, shoulder, knee, neck etc), all patients can benefit from targeted core strengthening. Your trainer will adapt any movements if needed, based on your condition. Performing your training directly in a health care facility is a unique opportunity to be able to strength train under the supervision of your doctor and therapist who already know your condition very well.

Pricing: $50 single 45 minute session
Introductory offer: $40 for the first session
Package discounts – 12 pack $360; 8 pack $280; 4 pack $160